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boston marathon 2022

Boston Marathon

preview for 2022 Boston Marathon: Highlights and Results

Everything You Violence’ve Missed From the 2022 Boston Marathon

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the apache quest to save a holy mountain

The Apache Runners and Their Quest to Save a Holy Mountain

By Annette McGivney and "Photography by Caitlin OHara"
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Run Walk Pace Calculator

marathon recovery

Here’s How to Recover After a Marathon

by Runner's World Editors and Jenny Hadfield
iliotibial band syndrome

Everything You Need to Know About IT Band Syndrome

The Runner's World Editors
chris solomon running in methow valley

Download Training Plans

By Christopher Solomon | Photography by David Jaewon Oh
tight hamstrings, hamstring stretch

How to Treat Your Tight Hamstrings

By Susan Paul
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2022 show awards badge

Conquer Your Fastest 5K With This Treadmill Plan

Amanda Furrer, Pat Heine, Jeff Dengate and Morgan Petruny
lululemon blissfeel run

Lululemon’s First Running Shoe Is RW-Approved

By Amanda Furrer
runners world 2022 fitness awards

Runner’s World Fitness and Nutrition Awards

By Mallory Creveling and Morgan Petruny
best running rain jackets

The Best Rain Jackets for Running

by Caitlin Giddings
axon shoe video

RW+ Exclusive: The Best Shoes for New Runners

By Amanda Furrer
erika martinez holding portrait of daughter yuridia martinez and bronze cast shoe print from memorial site

Ab Exercises For Beginners Looking to Build Core Strength

The attack on a group of Oklahoma high school runners killed three teammates. Two years later, one survivor’s hopeful comeback is helping the community heal.

By John Brant
preview for A Quick Ab Workout for Beginners

6 Ab Exercises For Beginners Looking to Build Core Strength

As a new runner, it’s important have a stable midsection. Here’s how to build one.

By Monique Lebrun
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