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​The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

Make your running boo or BFF feel extra loved with these 20 gifts.

best gifts for your valentine

Who doesn’t want, nay, deserve a little extra love this year? While you can always resort to flowers and chocolate, runners rarely like to take the easy option. So whether you’re shopping for your sole mate, training partner, or yes, yourself, surprise and delight this Valentine’s Day with gifts straight from the heart.

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For Wine on the Go
CamelBak Horizon 12 oz Wine Tumbler

Why yes, that is a tumbler from trusted hydration company Camelbak. Gift a set of two sleek, insulated wine tumblers (and add the bottle to complete the set!) to that special runner so you can cheers wherever your adventures take you. 

Refresh Your Bedroom
Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Forgive us if we’re being forward, but a new set of bedsheets is sure to win hearts. The silky-soft Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore sheets will guarantee a great night’s sleep—rest is training, too! But they may make it hard to resist the snooze button... 

For Your Best Antagonist
Sarah Marie Design Studio Fast Friends Bracelet
Sarah Marie Design Studio

Friendship bracelets but for adults who run. Gift one to your BFF and slip one onto your own wrist, so you can run together while apart. 

No More Cold Feet
Smartwool PhD Run Cold Weather Mid Crew Socks

Keep those feet roasty toasty with a fan favorite from Smartwool. The Run Cold line guarantees warmth for the long run without adding bulk. Plus, merino wool is known for blocking odor, making these socks perfect for on the road and off it.

A Work of Art
The Orange Runner Custom Portrait
The Orange Runner

Wow your Valentine this year with a custom portrait from The Orange Runner. Simply submit a photo and Luke McCambley will turn it into his famous sketch style. Now that’s a keeper.

Help Them Buoy
Best Black Friday Deals on Smartwatches
Bubbly Belle

Run your loved one a bath with these assorted bath bombs. They have different essential oil scents and contain epsom salt which helps with inflammation and achy muscles. 

For the Coffee Enthusiast
Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Instead of running to starbucks for their coffee fix, give them the luxury of their favorite coffee drinks at home. While it is a bit pricey, it is an investment that will pay itself off over time. 

For Fueling Their Runs
Picky Bars Best of Bundle
Lakota Gambill

You know what they say: “The way to a runner’s heart is through her stomach.” Give your favorite runner a little bit of everything from Picky Bars: bars, granola, oatmeal, and “drizzle,” which is basically a delicious topping for anything. Bonus? It’ll fuel runs and recovery, too. 

Protect Their Ring
Enso Rings Men’s Infinity Silicone Ring

Spare the real thing during tough activities—cycling, lifting weights—with a comfortable, durable silicone ring that looks cool, too. 

For Chafe-Free Runs
Tracksmith Women’s Harrier Tank

The Harrier Tank is a Tracksmith original that has proven itself over the miles. During the winter months, wear as a base for a comfortable, moisture-wicking layer. 

Spruce Up Your Backyard
22 inch Fire Pit

Amp up your outdoor area with a romantic fit pit. This one is suitable for up to 5 people and is small enough that it is great for taking along to go camping or to the beach. 

For Their Sweet tooth
Harry & David Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Classic Tin
Harry & David

Well of course we had to include some sort of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Outside the chocolate box is chocolate-based popcorn, a perfect snack any runner will love. And did you know? Popcorn is a whole grain so it’s good for you, too. 

If you (or your boo) isn't the decadent type, we also love YumEarth Organic Valentine's heart-shaped gummies. Stash a box in your pantry for a midrun burst of energy, not unlike sports chews. 

Protect Their Eyes
The Most Reliable Waterproof Fitness Trackers

These sunglasses are affordable, durable, and come in tons of cute colors. This O.G. style is lightweight, won't slip, and are polarized, making it an ideal pair of running sunglasses. 

Other Hearst Subscriptions
Whoop Band

You may have their heart, but now they can track it. The Whoop strap will give them the inside scoop on vital signs like blood oxygen levels, skin temperature readings, and heart rate metrics.  

For a Relaxing Massage
The Feel Good Lab Natural Pain Cream
Now 24% off

A favorite among Runner’s World editors, The Feel Good Lab Natural Pain Cream combines plant-extracted ingredients that’ll soothe sore muscles with a cooling effect. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s Day massage? 

Protect Their Skin
Brooks Chaser Hat

Whether you’re chasing or being chased, keep that noggin dry and protected from the sun with the Brooks Chaser Hat. It’s lightweight and breathable with a built-in sweatband for added dryness protection.

For the Frequent Flyer
Zensah Limited Edition Running Compression Socks

These love themed compression socks will help to get their legs feeling great during their longest runs by increasing circulation, and speeding up recovery time. They are also great for frequent travellers and can help prevent blood clots on long flights. 

Help Them Reach Their Goals
Believe Training Journal
Now 14% off

Even if you’re not thinking long-term with your significant other, help him or her plan for long-term training goals with the classic Believe Training Journal, penned by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan. Unlike traditional training logs, Believe covers topics on goal-setting, how personality affects performance, fueling tips, thoughts about body image, how to reflect on the past season, and more. 

For Easy Deep Tissue Massage
Therabody Theragun Pro (Red)

Give the gift that gives back. From now to December 31, 2021, 2 percent of each Therabody limited edition Product(Red) purchase will go to the Global Fund (minimum donation $300,000), which supports HIV and Covid-19 relief. Product(Red) massagers include the Pro (shown here), Elite ($399), and Mini ($199) massagers.

For Storing Everything on Their Run
Calories Burned Calculator
Koala Clip

One thing we hate on a run: a jostling cellphone in our shorts or jacket pocket. This is why we love the Koala Clip. It’s a zippered pouch for your phone with a magnetic clip that slips securely on the back of your bra or on your waistband—without a bounce as you run.

The new Lux version has an interior pocket to store your cards, cash, and keys. The Lux comes in three sizes—medium, large, and extra large—that fit most mobile phones, and is available in three colors, including Tranquil Tidepool, shown here.

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