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Still Working From Home? Upgrade Your Setup With TikTok’s Favorite Under-Desk Treadmill

Plus it's $100 off right now!

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If you’re working from home (and have been doing so for the better part of the past two years), you’ve probably realized by now that a day-to-day sedentary routine is not the ticket to feeling your best. In fact, too much sitting over prolonged periods of time has been linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and others serious health complications.

One of the Runner's World team's favorite ways to combat this bad habit is using an under-desk treadmill. A true silver lining of the pandemic times, under-desk treadmills are an innovative way to make the absolute most out of working from home—or doing desk work, period. And we at RW aren't alone in our obsession with under-desk treadmills—it seems like everyone on my TikTok For You Page has been adding one to their home office setup lately.

TikTok's model of choice? The R2 Walk & Run 2-in-1 Foldable Treadmill. Lucky for us, WalkingPad is hosting a spring/Mother's Day sale right now and All Gear & Accessories $100 off with code “WPMOMGIFT” when you shop directly from the WalkingPad site (scroll to the end of this article to see all the best deals from the sale). You can also pick up a WalkingPad on Amazon if you're an Amazon Prime member and want to take advantage of free shipping.

WalkingPad Folding Treadmill

To sum up just how awesome the WalkingPad treadmill is, TikTok user @officialmailerdaemon called it her “favorite thing in the entire world,” and we couldn’t agree more. First and foremost, it was specifically designed to improve the overall health of office workers by breaking up the sedentary work day through light exercise. That mission has informed the design and engineering of the WalkingPad since day one, so the benefits of using one are pretty profound.

Another TikToker who also happens to be a medical student, @medical.elina, listed off the multiple positive effects she's felt since adding a WalkingPad to her home office. Among them: she has more physical and mental energy, she's able to stay focused for longer periods of time, she sleeps better at night because she's more active during the day, and she easily reaches her daily steps goal. It's no surprise she's noticed such a difference, since the American Heart Association says that at least 30 minutes of exercise each day (which translates to about 1.5 miles of walking) can be beneficial to your cardiovascular health.

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This treadmill was a GAME CHANGER for my studying game. I’ve tried it for a month & there’s a huge difference in my energy & focus level 🤍🙏🏻 #homeofficeinspiration #homeofficeideas #universitytips #studytips #foldabletreadmill #walkingpad #kingsmith

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In addition to all those health benefits, the WalkingPad is also so convenient for at-home use, even if you live in a small space and don't have lots of extra storage. Its key feature—which gives it an edge over other under-desk treadmills—is that it folds in half over itself, so when not in use, it is extremely easy to store and hide away. @officialmailerdaemon showed just how practical it could be by making a demo of her process using the WalkingPad. She stores it under her couch, and about 20 seconds into the video, she had the treadmill completely set up and was walking on it.

The WalkingPad is also much smaller and much less expensive than a traditional treadmill, so if space or price have been a barrier to purchasing home exercise equipment, it might be time to reconsider.

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Reply to @kirsten_319 it’s the word misogyny bouncing up and down on my boobs while I jog for me, but anyway, here ya go. Some common answers to your questions. It’s from and I love it! #treadmill #walkingpad #thingstiktokmademebuy

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WalkingPad's standard foldable treadmill goes up to speeds of six kilometers (a little less than four miles) per hour. For most adults, around three kilometers (or two miles) per hour is a comfortable walking speed that's slow enough to mentally focus on typing and your other tasks at hand, while still logging some impressive activity. If you want a treadmill that you're able to use for more intense exercise as well, WalkingPad makes a slightly larger 2-in-one walk and run model that goes up to 10 kilometers (about six miles) per hour and includes a handle bar for added stability.

Because I live in an apartment with limited storage, my personal favorite model is the mini foldable WalkingPad. It is the smallest of all their treadmills and can easily slide right under my desk when not in use, plus it comes in fun color options. Check out all of WalkingPad's different models below, and don't forget that they're all $100 off right now if you use the code “WPMOMGIFT” at checkout.

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