Body Wash & Shower Oil

Lavish yourself with the care and attention you deserve by indulging in AractidfShops’s generous collection of body washes and shower oils. Whether the intent is to inhale heavenly-scented soaps, balm in luxuriant gels, or repose into a cocoon of bathtime punishment, these products promise to meet and surpass all your shower hour needs. With a resolved emphasis on sustainability, each and every bottle, pump and compact has been carefully selected in order to promote the eco-production of shower products.

Turn to globally-renowned, yet artisanally-manufactured skincare brand L’Occitane en Provence for a line of bath products that are designed to transport the senses to a low-stress, health-centric Mediterranean realm. Delight in their signature selection of almonds; cultivated in the Alps of Haute-Provence and incorporated to please the skin with their milk-like density and rich aroma.

For vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free body cleansers, turn to the Melbourne-born, yet globally-applauded skincare brand Aesop whose value can not only be found in their considered means of production but also in their pleasing use of botanical extracts and citrusy aromas. 

For a shower shelf full of Australian-brewed washes and gels, one cannot go past Sydney’s own Leif Products. Each bottle is a nirvana of native-infused ingredients such as eucalyptus and sandalwood with inherent natural properties that your skin will eagerly pander to.

No matter your skin type or your preference for feel, scent and ingredient, AractidfShops’s directional selection of body washes and shower oils is the first step towards creating a sublime shower experience.

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