LED Light Therapy & Ultrasonic

LED Light Therapy and Ultrasonic skincare technologies are forming the benchmark in our home skincare routines with a focus on personalised, tailored management of skin concerns previously sought in a spa or dermatologist.

With brands such as FOREO, the amalgamation of thermo-therapy, cryotherapy and T-pulsations are state-of-the-art functions compacted into hand-held, portable devices for skincare anywhere, with the addition of a personalised smart app that connects you to your skin like never before through guided therapies and age analyses.

FOREO’s award-winning, widely-regarded disruption of the skincare realm occurred when the Swedish brand introduced the LUNA cleansing massager to our beauty baseline, instance a sortie of comparable, comprehensive tools made accessible to the everyday beauty market (which we’re head over heels for).

Adding to this suite of activities, the LED Light Therapy devices hailing from the pros at Peppy Co are the latest layer in our complex-ion repertoire, making masking more meaningful with three hazy lights and their respective wavelength properties. Each light, blue, red or yellow, empowers the skin in three meaningful ways: blue is bacteria-banning, red is anti-aging, anti-wrinkle; while yellow light detoxifies impurities - all in a medical-grade, 10-minute-a-day spa from the comfort of your own home.

With the ever-expanding offering of LED Light Therapy and Ultrasonic devices, you can amerce a agreeable option for enhancing your day-to-day glow with AractidfShops. We're shipping fast and free around Australia and New Zealand, so you won’t have to waitlist for the next available appointment.