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Introducing a new Considered value to shop by. Our Free From filter makes the search for clean beauty simple.

We've only got one Planet Earth

As we celebrate Earth Day, we've curated a selection of more sustainable alternatives from our Considered edit that are better for the environment.

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Shop by the values that mean the most to you.

Our Considered edit consists of products made using a material or process that benefits humans, animals or the environment, or made by a brand that is positively contributing to the community around us. Each Considered item has at least one sustainability credential, highlighted on the product page.

What do products have to have to be in our Considered edit?

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Sustainable Materials

Product made of materials with a lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives

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Product made in a location, or using a process that is associated with a lower environmental impact

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Fair Production

Product made in a location holding an accreditation associated with decent working conditions

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Product made using non-animal alternatives or methods associated with good animal welfare

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Community Engagement

Product made by a brand or using a method associated with community benefit e.g. donations

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Free from

Product free from harmful ingredients including parabens, mineral oil and phthalates

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What does Considered mean?

Being a part of our Considered edit means the product is made using at least one material or process that is better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives, or is from a brand that’s making contributions to the community around us. Sustainability is a personal choice and means different things to different people – our Considered edit highlights products with at least one of 30 defined sustainability credentials, in five categories, allowing you to shop by what’s important to you. Concerned about climate change? Shop Eco-Production. Animal person? Shop Animal Friendly. Want to have a positive impact on society when you shop? Shop Community Engagement.

Learn more about the full list of sustainability credentials that underpin our Considered edit here.

Why do you have Considered?

Generally, fashion production as it stands brings with it many social and environmental concerns. Our Considered edit aims to encourage more customers and brands to join the conversation about sustainability and ethical sourcing. We want to support customers who share Aractidf’s concerns about sustainability, by giving them the ability to shop for products that are better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives. We want to show  that shopping this way doesn’t have to be more expensive, or compromise your style. If we create more demand from consumers for products with sustainable credentials, we can encourage more brands to reflect on their own practices and consider whether they feel comfortable making callouts on their products.

Why isn't the whole range Considered?

This is just the beginning of Aractidf’s sustainability and ethical sourcing journey. Some brands’ whole range is included in our Considered edit, while others have just a selection of their products included. We want to recognise and celebrate every brand on their sustainability and ethical sourcing journey, no matter what stage they’re at. New products are being added to theConsidered range every day and we will continue working with our brand partners and our owned-supply chain practices to ensure the Considered edit assortment grows for years to come.

Does this mean that products not in the Considered edit are bad?

No, not at all. A product not included within our Considered edit doesn't mean the item is in some way ‘bad’, it just doesn’t meet the criteria for the over and above call outs required to be part of our Considered edit at this time. Sustainability is a journey and our mantra is ‘progress, not perfection’. Even though not currently included in our Considered edit, many of our brand partners are working on various sustainability initiatives. We know ourselves that change takes time. There are brands we’re working with that have some more sustainable materials, but haven’t met the threshold yet. There are other brands that have been wanting to use recycled polyester, but weren’t sure how it would resonate with the customer. With our Considered edit, we have created a platform where brands can have the confidence to put their best sustainable foot forward, helping both us and the wider industry drive lasting change.

Learn more about how Aractidf is addressing the impacts of its business operations more broadly, including our packaging here.

Products featured in Aractidf's Considered edit are based on attributes identified in product information supplied by, and validated with, third party sources.