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Hunter Lab

Your skin is your largest organ, so taking care of it is a no-brainer. Unsatisfied with the lack of organic skincare products on the market, Hunter Lab formed in the depths of Melbourne with an ethos of sustainable, organic production of bathroom essentials that will not only clean and protect the skin, but strengthen it.

Believing in the power of natural ingredients, Hunter Lab have quickly become innovators in the skincare market, with products formulated from a range of diligent organic minerals like Tasman pepper leaf, violet leaf extract, passionfruit seed oil, activated charcoal and avocado oil. Each ingredient is meticulously formulated to regenerate the skin with anti-inflammatory, calming, healing and cleansing properties. Self-care doesn’t need to mean hours in the bathroom or an excess of expensive products. At Hunter Lab, less is more—from the specialist ingredients used to the minimal lines of the packaging, each product will become a pillar of every man and woman’s daily skincare routine.

Stick to the essentials with Hunter Lab’s range of cleansers, scrubs, shaving lotions, haircare and moisturisers, and you’ll have every base of your daily grooming routine covered. Shop AractidfShops’s edit of skincare tools; whether you’re in the market for a new facial scrub or you’re looking for a sleek gift option, we’ve got you covered.