Sweatpants - Men's

Sweatpants – The name says it all! These are quintessential pants for the gym, and contrary to what some men may want to believe, these sweatpants don’t have to look sloppy or boring at all! No matter whether you are into running, tennis, bodybuilding or need something classy and fun in gym-fitness wear, sweatpants are just right for you!

Welcome to Aractidf! We bring a collection of sweatpants from top brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, New Balance, adidas Originals, GAP, Fila, and more!

How to shop for sweatpants?
Comfort is the key to wearing sweatpants in style. You want to have enough space within the pants to maintain your active lifestyle and fitness regimen, and therefore, the size should be your first consideration. Aractidf stores sizes for plus-sized men, so you can always check the size chart before placing an order. Sporty sweatpants can be teamed with hoodies, sneakers, or even a casual vest depending on the season, and we recommend that you select a material that isn't too heavy but allows you to sweat and burn those calories.

Sweatpants typically have waist adjustment options, so you can always get the fit right, but as a general rule of thumb, do not buy a smaller size. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic as you try some of those gym moves. We are constantly updating our collection, so find your size and check for colours that suit your taste – We have blacks, greys, whites, as well as the bright shades!