A cornerstone of youth street culture, the classic Skateboard has always been one of the coolest ways to get around. Whether you dominate the skatepark with tricks and flips or simply want to get from A to B, AractidfShops’s catalogue of Skateboards will have you effortlessly coasting the streets in no time.

For new ways to enjoy nature in an urban setting, consider taking one of the Element Hatched 8.75" Cruiser Skateboards out for a drift in your area. This popular skateboards cruiser design is optimised for short distances, making it the perfect ride for local spins up and down your street with the odd trick here and there. If you’re a little more adventurous with your skating, a versatile pintail longboard is one of the best boards for cruising and carving with the ability to support longer trips comfortably. The Longboard Pintail from Island is one of the most popular and versatile skateboards Australia has to offer with a premium surfboard feel that cheap skateboards just can’t beat.

Although skateboards rebel surfer roots may frighten some parents, they can actually be a fun way for kids to relieve stress, exercise and get out of the house. Excite them with epic skateboard designs like the Star Wars Storm Trooper Skateboard Deck or Trip Out 8.0" Complete Skateboard from Element and watch as they build coordination and balance alongside their friends.

AractidfShops is the one-stop shop for Skateboards, kicking, flipping and cruising your way with our fast and free shipping across Australia and New Zealand.

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