Ethical Sourcing

Our Factories

AractidfShops Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our environmental, human rights, labour, health and safety standards and underpins our human rights due diligence system. These minimum standards are based on international measures and regulations, apply to all supply chain tiers and are referenced in all supplier contracts.

Our FactoriesOur Factories

Who made my clothes?

We are on a journey to better manage our social and environmental impacts. We have been working closely with the manufacturers of our own-brands to understand and improve the working conditions provided to workers.

Who made
my clothes?Who made
my clothes?

Modern Slavery

AractidfShops rejects any form of modern slavery or exploitation where a person cannot refuse, or leave, work because of threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power or deception. This crime and exercise of power or ownership over another in modern economic circumstances occurs in every region of the world. The Global Slavery Index estimated that in 2018 over 40 million people globally were living in modern slavery globally and that 15,000 of these people are subject to these conditions in Australia.

Modern SlaveryModern Slavery

Beyond Audit

We recognise that there is a need to go beyond audits to drive mindset change and support our suppliers to improve the social and environmental conditions in our supply chain. This begins with deepened relationships with our factories to gain a better understanding of the social contexts in which our products are made.

Beyond AuditBeyond Audit

Brand Collaboration

By implementing positive changes within our own business we seek to influence positive changes amongst the brands we work with.

All brand partner agreements include reference to our Supplier Code of Conduct and the minimum standards it sets, however we want to do more to ensure we are partnering with organisations who are aligned with our core values, so in 2020, we developed minimum criteria for brand partners and will be using these to inform decision making about new brand partnerships and capacity building opportunities.

Brand CollaborationBrand Collaboration

Our Materials

We understand that the production of materials used to make our products has environmental impacts, such as high water usage and carbon emissions, and that we have the power to to reduce these impacts.We  know these impacts occur at the raw material stage (e.g. during the farming process) or material processing stage (e.g. during washing or dying of fabric) and that we have a responsibility to address them.

Our MaterialsOur Materials

Restricted Substances

Consumer safety, worker health and environmental protection are priorities for AractidfShops. Responsible use of chemicals in our supply chain is essential. To ensure safe use, we have embedded a Chemical Standards and Restricted Substances List outlining the requirements our suppliers must adhere to. This includes our Manufacturing Restricted Substances List, which is consistent with industry standards and that of many other retailers. AractidfShops expects all suppliers to undertake due diligence to ensure that these standards are being met, including in their own supply chains.

Restricted SubstancesRestricted Substances

Responsible Purchasing Policy

AractidfShops acknowledges that the way we interact with suppliers and how well organised we are in relation to production can have an impact on their ability to meet the standards we outline in our Supplier Code of Conduct. As such we have developed our Responsible Purchasing Policy, outlining our commitment to behaving with integrity in our dealings with suppliers, and to support our internal teams to ensure that our purchasing behaviours align with our aim to be positively and transparently contributing to the improvement of social and environmental conditions in our own-brand supply chain.

Responsible Purchasing PolicyResponsible Purchasing Policy

Animal Welfare

AractidfShops Animal Welfare Policy outlines our expectations as to how and where animal materials are used in our products, and is applicable to both our own brands and our third party brand partners.

We expect our suppliers to implement industry-recognised practices to ensure animal welfare is safeguarded during rearing, transportation and slaughter.

We also expect that the industry-recognised Five Freedoms developed by the UK’s Farm Animal Welfare Committee are implemented.

The five freedoms include:
1 . Global Fashion Group

2. Global Fashion Group

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

4. Freedom to express normal behaviour

5. Freedom from hunger and thirst

Animal WelfareAnimal Welfare

Additionally, AractidfShops requires any animal materials used in our private label styles or partner brands’ styles to strictly be a by-product of the food industry. AractidfShops does not purchase, nor sell items that use real animal fur of any kind including exotic skins or hair from the angora rabbit and prohibits processes including: unnatural abortions, live skinning, live plucking, mulesing, confinement of animals in veal or sow crates and animal testing on cosmetics, except where required by law.