Community Engagement

AractidfShops exists as a part of an ecosystem and recognises that we can play a positive role in our community by tackling some of the social challenges that exist around us.

Although we are a young business, we are proud to have organically become involved in a range of different causes close to the collective hearts of our people.

In late 2018, AractidfShops Community Framework was developed collaboratively by a cross-functional group of ICONIC employees and executives, outlining the governance framework for identifying, governing and managing community engagement at AractidfShops and ensuring its relevance to our employees, our customers and our brand. The framework prioritised two community issues upon which we wanted to focus – Social Inclusion and Environmental Protection. From there we rigorously assessed a group of potential partners in line with this Framework and as a result entered our first charity partnership with Thread Together.

Thread Together

Thread Together redistributes surplus clothing to people in situations of crisis including homeless people, victims of domestic violence, asylum seekers, indigenous communities, ex-inmates, and other vulnerable groups in the community. To date, AractidfShops has donated over 89,000 items to Thread Together, which has already helped 22,320 people access new clothing.

Thread TogetherThread Together

Since the commencement of our Partnership, our Community team have been working with Thread Together to understand how we can help to address their core business needs, beyond clothing donations. In recent months of 2020, we have focused largely on facilitating skilled volunteering opportunities for areas of Thread Together where AractidfShops employees can provide expertise. This has proved to be successful to date and rewarding for both Thread Together and AractidfShops employees who have had the opportunity to give back.

Other charitable contributions

AractidfShops also contributes to other charitable organisations as a part of other sustainability initiatives or to respond to a crisis which has impacted our community, like a natural disaster, flood or drought. Recent initiatives include:

Life at AractidfShops

We stand for respectful discussion and thoughtful comment. We encourage our followers to join the conversation, discuss the content we publish and what’s going on in the world around us, while ensuring our platforms are safe and inclusive. As such, these are the Community Standards and Participants Guidelines which AractidfShops will uphold and expect all participants in our communities to abide by across all AractidfShops’s interactive accounts, including Social accounts and editorial on Edition. 

Life at AractidfShopsLife at AractidfShops