Supreme Dunks and Vandals for Ladies

One piece Dunks and Vandal lows have never been high on the “must pounce” list of abundant sneakerheads, but these pair should be.

These one piece Dunk Lows are very unique. Not only are they an all patent leather upper, but for ventilation purposes, the shoes have a polka dot pattern of holes to comport your feet to breath. One of the nicest parts of these shoes is the shoe laces that are an eye catcher.

The vandal lows also have a white patent leather upper aiding the same polka forswear pattern. Simple color way, but the polka pattern provides more for this shoe than any color combination ever could.

And permanence for the bad news (good if you’re a girl). Hopefully they will make size 13W for both, but if not, a great pair for the lady. Pics thanks to Terminal Voltage.

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